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ECG, Holter Monitor & other Diagnostic Medical Services




Electrocardiograms (ECG) and Holter Monitors are simple, painless tests that record the electrical activity of your heart. ECGs take only a few minutes to perform, while Holter Monitors are hooked-up at a clinic and then worn home and returned in 24 hours. 

Traditionally, when your doctor has requested these tests, they needed to be done in a hospital or a cardiologist’s office. Now at Vector Diagnostics, patients are able to avoid the hospital, the long waits and expensive parking and have their tests done quickly and accurately in a family-friendly, relaxed environment. The cardiology technologists and doctors working at Vector Diagnostics are the same ones you will also find in your local hospital.

NEW! 24 hour blood pressure monitors are now also available through Vector Diagnostics, call to reserve yours today.

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Electrocardiograms (ECG)

Electrocardiograms (ECG)

An ECG uses electrodes in the form of stickers that are placed on your chest, arms and legs to measure your heart's electrical activity from the surface. Elements measured on an ECG are rate, rhythm and can also provide indirect evidence of blood flow...

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Holter Monitor

Holter Monitor

Like an electrocardiogram, a Holter monitor also uses electrodes to measure the heart’s electrical activity. This small, portable battery-powered monitor (the size of a pager) is worn for longer than a standard ECG and also uses fewer electrodes.

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Covered by MSP.

Although the atmosphere at Vector Diagnostics is more like a private clinic, all our services are covered by the Medical Services Plan for patients that have coverage. Other cases such as WCB and pre-employment testing are not billed through MSP.

Quicker Appointments, Quicker Results.

Both urgent and routine tests are able to be completed faster through Vector Diagnostics due to the waitlists and more critically ill patients waiting for tests in the hospital. Enjoy free parking, a relaxed friendly atmosphere, minimal wait times and a one-stop shop at Vector Diagnostics, which is conveniently located within West Kelowna Superstore (near the pharmacy).